Classroom Sessions

I provide age-appropriate, medically-accurate and trauma-informed sexuality education for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Student sessions are all gender, student centered and facilitated in classrooms with or without a member of your school staff present. I will work with you to create a scope and sequence that meets the needs of your school culture and student body but standard topics are informed by the National Sexuality Education Standards (2012) and can include communication, boundaries and consent, healthy relationships, sexual literacy, body image, anatomy, puberty, reproduction, and STD & pregnancy prevention.

Large Group Student Sessions

Occasionally, schools have a need to respond quickly to a school or current event related to sexuality and want all students to receive accurate, age-appropriate, and actionable information at the same time. I can provide large group, assembly-style programs on a tight timeline, especially if you are looking to address issues of boundaries and consent, sexual identity, or myths and misinformation surrounding adolescent sexual activity.

Teacher/Staff Training

Schools are on the frontlines of the movement to create safe, affirming and inclusive spaces for all young people, though most school staff have received little to no professional development or coaching to feel confident creating these spaces. Yet, students are looking to them help, guidance and leadership. I can help your staff build their capacity and confidence to reach and teach all young people, to create and sustain a culture of equity and consent, or to teach young people about puberty, reproduction, and STD and pregnancy prevention in free of shame and judgement. Teacher/Staff training can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff and in direct response to school and/or current events.

Summer Camps


I grew up going to summer camp and I know what a gendered and sexualized place summer camp can be. I can provide age-appropriate, trauma-informed daytime or evening programs for your campers that can help them navigate the exciting and confusing waters of crushes, kissing, rejection and consent at summer camp. I will work with you to ensure that all messaging aligns with the rules and values of your camp. Camper sessions are all gender, interactive and fun, and facilitated with your counselors present.


Summer camp counselors are tasked with being (almost) all things to their campers at all times but are, generally, still traversing the exciting and confusing waters of sexuality themselves. I can provide capacity building sessions to your counselors during staff week as well as follow up sessions a week after campers have arrived to ensure that your counselors are prepared to create a magical summer for all young people regardless of sexual identity as well as address issues of equity, rejection and consent with their campers as well as in their own dating relationships.

Adult Staff

Do you have adult staff at camp who are parenting their own children? Do they have questions about typical sexual development, how to talk survive puberty with their pre-teens, how to talk to their teenagers about abstinence or safer sex? Do they want to be able to have “the talk” with out blushing? Let’s get together after the campers have all gone to bed, make some popcorn and chat. We can use an anonymous question box or just have a freewheeling conversation and Q&A.

Parents & Caregivers

Parent & Caregiver Workshops 

Parent & Caregiver workshops provide developmentally appropriate information and help parents and caregivers find just the right language to have ongoing conversations about sex and sexuality with their children as they grow up. Caregivers also have an opportunity to have their sex and sexuality related questions answered. Workshops for parents and caregivers can be hosted at your school, in your office, at your summer camp or anywhere else parents and caregivers come together to learn.

Family/Caregiver Coaching

Sometimes parents, caregivers and families need a little extra support talking about sex and sexuality. I can help your family open up communication about dating; sexual boundaries and sexual consent; sexual identity; and creating a shared value system. Initial consultations (or, in some cases, what I like to call panic abatement consultations) can happen over email, phone or video chat for a fee of $20 paid through Venmo. After the initial consultation we can work together to figure out a cost structure that works for the family moving forward. Send me an email via the Contact page to reach out.

Youth Development Professionals

Professional Development

Youth Development professionals have first hand knowledge of how quickly adolescent attitudes related to sexuality can change (and the language they use to talk about it!). I can provide professional development to your Youth Development frontline staff so they can stay one step ahead of the young people they work with. Together we can build a shared understanding of typical adolescent sexual development and behaviors that may be a manifestation of trauma. We can build a shared vocabulary related to gender and sexual diversity and work to create a culture across your program that is safe, affirming and inclusive of all sexual identities and supports equity, respect and consent.

Curriculum Consulting

I can help you build a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum that meets the needs of your program and population, help you choose from resources that are readily available, answer questions about what is age- and appropriate, and help you think about and write dress code policies.