Student Skype Sessions

Schedule a Student Skype Session with your students during class time and I can answer questions from an anonymous question box or facilitate a discussion on tricky topics like consent; porn literacy; gender and sexual identity; pleasure and intimacy; or substance use and sex.


Staff Training

Whether at a school, camp, or in your office, staff training builds the capacity of your staff to create inclusive spaces for all sexual identities; develop a culture of consent; or to teach young people about puberty, reproduction, and STD and pregnancy prevention. Staff training can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff and to respond to current events and pop culture.


Professional Development for Nonprofits and For-Profit Businesses

Professional Development can help you build a shared vocabulary around gender and sexual diversity; create a space sensitive to, and inclusive of, all sexual identities, or build the capacity of your team to understand sexual harassment and the #METOO and #TIMESUP movements. 



Parent & Caregiver Workshops 

Parent & Caregiver workshops provide developmentally appropriate information and help parents and caregivers find just the right language to have ongoing conversations about sex and sexuality with their children as they grow up. Parents also have an opportunity to have their sex and sexuality related questions answered. 


Family/Caregiver Coaching

Occasionally, parents, caregivers and families need a little extra support talking about sex and sexuality. I can help your family open up communication about dating; sexual boundaries and sexual consent; sexual identity; and creating a shared value system. Initial consultations (or, in some cases, what I like to call panic abatement consultations) can happen over email, phone or video chat for a $75 fee and then we can work together to figure out a cost structure that works for the family moving forward. Send me an email via the Contact page to reach out.


Curriculum Consulting

I can help you build a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum that meets the needs of your population, help you choose from resources that are readily available, answer questions about what is age- and appropriate, and help you think about and write dress code policies.